By Tyler Coppock

When we last saw Peyton Manning throw a pass that mattered, he was still arguably the smartest, most efficient quarterback in the league. When we last saw Manning play, he was still arguably the best quarterback to ever play in the National Football League. Now, after one season away from the game, Manning’s uncertain future is the talk of the NFL offseason. But why?

Have’t we been through this game before. You know, NFL star gets injured and misses an entire season. Everyone debates wether that person can still play at a high level and, of course, they do.

We did it with Tom Brady. Brady suffered a torn ACL and some pundits suggested they trade Brady and move forward with QB Matt Cassel. That will be the last time this blog ever puts Brady and Cassel’s name in the same paragraph.

Remember when Brian Urlacher broke a bone in is wrist and missed all of the 2009 season? At that point Urlacher had come off nasty contract negotiations and wasn’t playing at his once all-world level. Well, since then, Urlacher has basically cemented his place in Canton, OH.

So now me get to Manning. I think we call agree by now that there is no way in Colts Owner Jim Irsay actually signs a check for $28 million on March 8. No. Way. That’s simply irresonsible. No player in the NFL deserves that money, especially not a player who has had three neck surgeries in a year.

But are you seriously telling your fan base you would rather move forward with Pac-Ten sensation Andrew Luck.  By all accounts Luck is a once-in-a-generation QB. The John Elway of this decade. Thanks, but no thanks. Paging Ryan Leaf, paging Ryan Leaf.

Here’s the thing, I doubt Manning really wants to leave a place where he is royalty. I don’t believe for a second that Mannning wouldn’t be willing to negotiate a modified contract to stay in Indy. It’s the only place he has known since he was 21-years old. Manning doesn’t want to start over with Pete Carroll in Seattle. He doesn’t want to go to Washington and end of being another casualty of Dan Snyder’s never-ending checkbook.

Manning can, and should stay. Irsay needs to do something smart, not difficult. Travel down to Tobacco Rd. in North Carolina where Manning has been training at Duke University. Have a personal physical with an independent doctor of your choosing. If Manning is ready, then talk dollar and sense. If he’s not, shake his hand and say good luck.

Manning claims he will be ready to go, and, if you’re smart, you should believe him. Let Luck sit behind him for a  year, maybe two. A healthy Manning gives you a better chance to win than Luck.

You play to win the game. For now, at the right price, Manning is the man for that job. Let Luck be the future, but Manning is the present, not the past.

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Google Spread

Are you a technological imbecile? I am. It’s not something I am proud of, but it’s the simple truth. Calling me MacBook a computer is kind of unfair. It’s more like an internet machine. All its other capabilities basically go unused because I don’t know how to use them. So, basically, something like a Google Spread Sheet is way over my head.
In Class last week I helped a classmate show them how it worked. I was astonished at the fact that I knew. I tried to use the spread sheet as the week went on, but I couldn’t.
Don’t get me wrong, I see the use. Spread sheets are an effective time and money manager. They can be regularly updated and used by an entire company. I will learn how to use this. But for now, I’m an imbecile.

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The mobile app Meporter seems very useful for the day-to-day reporter. Any journalist who spends 8 hours a day on the field can certainty find use for it.

Overall the app is effective at what it aims to do-spread news amongst journalists. It cam give the where-to-be and what-to-do 7 days a week. It also doesn’t provide the big-brother capabilities of or geoloqui which is refreshing.

Posting stories can take a couple minutes but it’s to be expected. The app is very easy to use. It also provides links to social media, interconnecting all your Internet platforms. Good app


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Every game matters.

By Tyler Coppock

Derrick Rose has missed ten games this season. That’s more than he missed in his first three season combined. For some reason, one I can’t really figure out, Bulls fans don’t care.
How many times have we had to listen to ludicrous Bulls fans harp on about how the regular season means nothing? Are they mad, I ask? Does the one seed mean nothing? Who would you rather see in the first round, the Celtics or the Bucks? In the second round would you really want to go to Madison Square Garden and see “Linsanity” up close and personal? If the Eastern Conference Finals go to Game 7 then let it be on Chicago’s West Side.
These things matter, people. The Heat are neck-and-neck with the Bulls. In fact, as I type these very words, the Heat control the one seed. I’m not sure who the better team is, but let this be known, the Heat have beaten the Bulls in five-consecutive contests. That’s not a fluke, it’s a trend.
The Bulls and Heat are on a collision course. They have been since the final buzzer sounded after game 5 of the ECF last year. They are a perfect rivalry, one the media didn’t even have to manufacture. Blue collar vs. Hollywood, Rose vs. James, good vs. evil.
These teams almost undoubtedly will meet in the playoffs. Even with the rapid ascension of Jeremy Lin, there isn’t a team in the Eastern Conference who is on the level of the Bulls and Heat.
Each team is a defensively-minded machine focused on one goal: a ring. Lebron’s ego is real, but make no mistake, he will stop at nothing to win a title this season.
82 games isn’t just a catch phrase, it’s a reality. Kobe and Jordan didn’t rest “just because,” and neither should Rose. Resting just because you feel like it is for those who finish in second place. Yes, I’m absolutely referring to Lebron James.
Also, for those who are terrified that Bulls’ head coach Tom Thibodeau is wearing down his starters by playing them deep into fourth quarters, wise up. He’s not destroying their conditioning, he’s building it.
The Bulls had a chance to win every in the conference finals last season. Each game was won or lost in the last seven minutes. That won’t happen this year. Thibodeau is making sure his team is accustomed to fourth quarters. They won’t wear down, they will be ready.
If Rose can play, he plays. If he can’t, he rests. There is far too much on the line this season to take a game, or even a quarter, off.

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By Tyler Coppock


Banjo is an interesting app, but also kind of scary. As we discussed in class, having your location displayed to the public–especially total strangers–isn’t ideal. I don’t like the thought of others knowing where I am, and I don’t care where strangers are. That being said, it does have a very practical use.

Have you ever been at a music festival or concert and needed to find your friends? Banjo is perfect. It’s silent but deadly. Actually, quite literally, it could end up being fatal. But I digress.

This past summer I went to Lollaplooza in Grant Park. The festival is occupied by over 100,000 people and each and every one is trying use a cell phone or mobile device to find their friends. Reception is terrible and even if you have it you can’t hear the person. “I’m parallel

to the Sears Tower!!!” “I’m at the AT&T Stage, about 250 feet to the left of that really big speaker!” You get the point. It doesn’t work. But with Banjo you have an easy, and more importantly, effective way of locating others around you. Banjo gets a solid B.


I admit, I still don’t really understand Geoloqi. It’s the only app that I have that still doesn’t make total sense. From my perspective, it would be useful if you’re a tourist. Let’s say you’re at the Hilton on Michigan Ave, you want to walk to Museum of Science and Industry, and walk back to you’re hotel after. Geoloqi will deliver map-quest like efficiency to get you there.

You will be shown how far you walked, the exact steps you took and the coordinates of where you are currently standing. Again, I don’t fully understand the point of it, but give it time. C+


Booyah! That’s what I said when I got this app. I like it, i like it alot. Mereporter is a reporters best friend, and a Chicagoan’s daily yellow pages. With my Iphone I now have a note pad, a recorder and now a story finder. Me reporter is good for a tourist, or just someone trying to look for a fun was to get outside. A.

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Kind of spooky, right?

I took a train with no one on it




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The Missing Piece.

By Tyler Coppock

Great things always come in pairs. Shaq and Kobe, Michael and Scottie, Magic and Kareem, James and Wade. The NBA is a players league, more often then not, you need two real players to win titles. If you’re a Bulls fan who thinks they have that pair, you’re kidding yourself.

Can the Bulls win a title this year with the team they have? Yes, they can. They have great role players who understand their jobs and do them well. Their superstar is as humble as they come and leads by example every step of the way. But saying trading for mega-center Dwight Howard is a bad idea is as ludicrous as Mayor Daley’s parking meter reform.

Howard is simply the most dominant player in the league. Howard is a 7 time all star. He’s won three consecutive Defensive Player of the year awards. No center in the league even deserves to be mentioned in the same sentence as Howard. Not even the “double-double machine” Joakim Noah.

I get it. The Bulls have great chemistry. They aren’t a collection of a big two or three. They’re a collection of twelve. A well-oiled machine moving in unison towards the Larry O’Brien Trophy. But just because the players like to go on play dates with each other doesn’t mean they can beat the Miami Heat. Oh yea, I went there.

Chemistry is truly the most overrated intangible in sports. This isn’t Space Jam, people. Just because one team is evil and one team is friendly doesn’t mean that friendly team prevails. Kobe and Shaq won three titles together without speaking to each other.

If your’e a Bulls fan and legitimately think adding Howard to this team doesn’t make them instantly better, you need therapy. Howard changes every single game he plays in. The second he gets off the bus, opposing coaches cringe.

If Howard says he wants to come to Chicago, you make the deal. You shoot first and ask questions later. And, no, this isn’t like the New York Knicks last year.

When the Knicks got Carmelo Anthony they acquired a guard who gets physically ill when forced to play defense. They got a scoring machine that can’t create for teammates. They caved to the demands of their idiotic, yet passionate, fan base.

Howard plays such dominant defense, Tom Thibodeau might smile. He controls the paint so effectively that Derrick Roses’ potential becomes endless.

Here’s the knock on Howard: He’s a softie. I’ll be the first to say it, he acts like a child out there and it ticks me off. I hate players like Howard. Put him on a basketball court with the four Bulls players, I’ll take Howard. Put him in a ring with Ronnie Brewer, and Brewer walks away unscathed.

Howard will never be the player he should be because he’s a baby. This game that he plays, that ‘Melo and Lebron, played is sickening. Get over yourselves. You’re all punks and you know it. I heard Bill Russell is mentoring Howard, too. Has he really not told him how foolish he appears right now? If Howard would be as mean as Shaq was, he could be as Shaq was, too.

And that’s why the conversation ends. Howard is today’s version of Shaq. The NBA used to be a league dominated by centers. It’s not anymore. Centers today are mediocre at best. Except Howard. He is truly a man among boys. Sell the farm. Get Howard. The questions will be answered in Grant Park around June.

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