It’s Opening Day

It’s opening day again for the Cubs, and optimism is at a 103-year low. The Bulls are the cream of the NBA crop. The Blackhawks are peeking at the right time as the playoffs loom. There is virtually no reason to pay attention to the Cubs, or have any belief they will win a championship this season.

Around Chicago, Cubs fans, some more devoted than others, shared their feeling’s on another year of baseball at the friendly confines.

Bahb Simmons, 56, who is visiting his sister from Oakland, doesn’t see any reason to believe. “I grew up a Cubs fan, but I haven’t noticed much excitement around the city,” said Simmons. “They just aren’t very good.”

Tim Donnelly of Chicago felt  differently. ”

BOSTON, MA - MAY 22:  Starlin Castro #13 of th...

BOSTON, MA - MAY 22: Starlin Castro #13 of the Chicago Cubs is congratulated by manager Mike Quade #8 after Castro scored in the seventh inning against the Boston Red Sox on May 22, 2011 at Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts. Before this series, the two teams haven't played at Fenway Park since the 1918 World Series. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

is going to have a huge year,” he said. Donnelly, who was attending his first opening day, said he thought the team would gain attention by the summer. “People are still focused on the Bulls and ‘Hawks. I am too. But I think the Cubs can turn heads this season.”

Erin Seeley flew in from Florida for the game. “It’s a holiday weekend, and it’s opening day,” she said. “It doesn’t get any better than opening day.” Seeley feels like this is actually the year. “I think luck is on our side. I can feel it,” she said.

In this writer’s opinion, no chance in hell. The Cubs are far closer to being the worst team in the league than to being the best. Maybe next year, but I doubt it.

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