The Internet Of Things

At this point it’s beating a dead horse: The world is becoming more digital every single day.

Every day there is a new advancement, a new discovery that makes our worldwide community even faster. We are rapidly becoming a paperless, wireless society that puts emphasis on every millisecond.

Some of our advancements and discoveries are, in the grand scheme of things, useless. Remember in the Austin Powers movie when he tries to explain the internet to Beyonce? He shows her that simply by pressing on a modern-age type writer he can watch apes defecate on themselves. But at the same time, he can face chat with his friend Basil.

That’s kind of what the internet is like: Delightfully childish, but undeniably useful. The internet has changed the world more than any invention since the gun.

So, obviously, we get alot of stupidity from this invention. The internet is not a perfect entity.

In the McKinsey Quarterly Article “The Internet of Things,” the publication takes a peek into the future to see what future products of technology will change our lives.

Some are creepy. Look, I’ve never been a parent and I don’t know what it would feel like to have a child go missing. But I will never, never put a tracking system in my child’s body. That’s weird!

But the technological world also provides us with us useful developments. Airplane companies are developing sensors that will show a planes condition in real time. Is the engine on your 747 shot? This sensor will tell the people in charge. This is something that could revolutionize the way we fly. When a plane crashes it’s never because the gas tank was empty. It’s always an equipment failure that unfortunately went unnoticed. This won’t happen anymore. Technology is smarter than you and I could ever dream of being.

In another invention, policer are working on a sensor that will pinpoint the location of gun fire almost rapidly. That is an invention that could make our world just a tad safer. This invention, and the one named above, could save lives. Even if one life is saved because of this, it’s a win for technology.

With that being said, I have to play devils advocate. I really hate self checkouts at Jewel. Stay with me here. I hate going to McDonalds and seeing that instead of filling up my coke, the cashier presses the button for large, and the machine does it itself.

No, I don’t have some sort of consumer elitist mentality that makes me thing negatively of those in the service industry. I just get nervous that this will strip people of jobs.

Grocery stores are making a concious business decision with those self checkouts. Instead of paying someone minimum wage, they make one downpayment on some machine and never look back.

Here’s my last movie reference: Remember  in “I, Robot” (this movie was so bad) that Will Smith’s whole grudge against robots was that they took his dad’s job as a chair maker?

Well, I feel like that could be the future. Look at how quickly the world has changed in the past 20 years. Imagine it in another 20. Imagine it in 100. Sometimes we just move to fast. But we can’t help ourselves. We want technology, and we want it now.

The internet is all-in-all a good thing. But, it has its flaws. Namely, that one day we will be fighting evil robots because they took all our parent’s jobs.


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