By Tyler Coppock


Banjo is an interesting app, but also kind of scary. As we discussed in class, having your location displayed to the public–especially total strangers–isn’t ideal. I don’t like the thought of others knowing where I am, and I don’t care where strangers are. That being said, it does have a very practical use.

Have you ever been at a music festival or concert and needed to find your friends? Banjo is perfect. It’s silent but deadly. Actually, quite literally, it could end up being fatal. But I digress.

This past summer I went to Lollaplooza in Grant Park. The festival is occupied by over 100,000 people and each and every one is trying use a cell phone or mobile device to find their friends. Reception is terrible and even if you have it you can’t hear the person. “I’m parallel

to the Sears Tower!!!” “I’m at the AT&T Stage, about 250 feet to the left of that really big speaker!” You get the point. It doesn’t work. But with Banjo you have an easy, and more importantly, effective way of locating others around you. Banjo gets a solid B.


I admit, I still don’t really understand Geoloqi. It’s the only app that I have that still doesn’t make total sense. From my perspective, it would be useful if you’re a tourist. Let’s say you’re at the Hilton on Michigan Ave, you want to walk to Museum of Science and Industry, and walk back to you’re hotel after. Geoloqi will deliver map-quest like efficiency to get you there.

You will be shown how far you walked, the exact steps you took and the coordinates of where you are currently standing. Again, I don’t fully understand the point of it, but give it time. C+


Booyah! That’s what I said when I got this app. I like it, i like it alot. Mereporter is a reporters best friend, and a Chicagoan’s daily yellow pages. With my Iphone I now have a note pad, a recorder and now a story finder. Me reporter is good for a tourist, or just someone trying to look for a fun was to get outside. A.


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