The Missing Piece.

By Tyler Coppock

Great things always come in pairs. Shaq and Kobe, Michael and Scottie, Magic and Kareem, James and Wade. The NBA is a players league, more often then not, you need two real players to win titles. If you’re a Bulls fan who thinks they have that pair, you’re kidding yourself.

Can the Bulls win a title this year with the team they have? Yes, they can. They have great role players who understand their jobs and do them well. Their superstar is as humble as they come and leads by example every step of the way. But saying trading for mega-center Dwight Howard is a bad idea is as ludicrous as Mayor Daley’s parking meter reform.

Howard is simply the most dominant player in the league. Howard is a 7 time all star. He’s won three consecutive Defensive Player of the year awards. No center in the league even deserves to be mentioned in the same sentence as Howard. Not even the “double-double machine” Joakim Noah.

I get it. The Bulls have great chemistry. They aren’t a collection of a big two or three. They’re a collection of twelve. A well-oiled machine moving in unison towards the Larry O’Brien Trophy. But just because the players like to go on play dates with each other doesn’t mean they can beat the Miami Heat. Oh yea, I went there.

Chemistry is truly the most overrated intangible in sports. This isn’t Space Jam, people. Just because one team is evil and one team is friendly doesn’t mean that friendly team prevails. Kobe and Shaq won three titles together without speaking to each other.

If your’e a Bulls fan and legitimately think adding Howard to this team doesn’t make them instantly better, you need therapy. Howard changes every single game he plays in. The second he gets off the bus, opposing coaches cringe.

If Howard says he wants to come to Chicago, you make the deal. You shoot first and ask questions later. And, no, this isn’t like the New York Knicks last year.

When the Knicks got Carmelo Anthony they acquired a guard who gets physically ill when forced to play defense. They got a scoring machine that can’t create for teammates. They caved to the demands of their idiotic, yet passionate, fan base.

Howard plays such dominant defense, Tom Thibodeau might smile. He controls the paint so effectively that Derrick Roses’ potential becomes endless.

Here’s the knock on Howard: He’s a softie. I’ll be the first to say it, he acts like a child out there and it ticks me off. I hate players like Howard. Put him on a basketball court with the four Bulls players, I’ll take Howard. Put him in a ring with Ronnie Brewer, and Brewer walks away unscathed.

Howard will never be the player he should be because he’s a baby. This game that he plays, that ‘Melo and Lebron, played is sickening. Get over yourselves. You’re all punks and you know it. I heard Bill Russell is mentoring Howard, too. Has he really not told him how foolish he appears right now? If Howard would be as mean as Shaq was, he could be as Shaq was, too.

And that’s why the conversation ends. Howard is today’s version of Shaq. The NBA used to be a league dominated by centers. It’s not anymore. Centers today are mediocre at best. Except Howard. He is truly a man among boys. Sell the farm. Get Howard. The questions will be answered in Grant Park around June.

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